5 Ways to Get Rid of Foot Odor

The smell of stinky feet is not one to be taken lightly. It has the power to take over shoes, closets, households (and the occasional person). No matter how great your personality or talent, people may start to keep their distance if you have a smell like decades old cheese wandering around with you. Luckily for the people that sometimes are plagued by a foot stench, no matter how rare or often (myself included), there are many ways to combat it. Listed below are five ways to fend off the foot funk.

  1. Tea tree oil: Many essential oils are antibacterial or anti-fungal, attacking the smell at the source. Stinky feet come from sweaty feet, the sweat that harvests bacteria and then turns it to odor. So, spraying tea tree, eucalyptus, or peppermint oils on may help, not to mention they smell great.
  2. Rotate your shoes: If you are spending most of your days dancing in the same old pairs of shoes, sweat will remain in them, harvesting bacteria. So, having more than one pair of shoes and rotating them will give them a chance to dry out.
  3. Silica gel packets: You know those irritating little packets you get when you buy a new pair of sneakers? Well they have more use than the trash! Save a few next time you buy shoes, because they absorb excess moisture. Less moisture in your shoes means less ability for smelly bacteria to form.
  4. White vinegar: Adding a few cups of white vinegar to warm water and soaking your feet is a good way to kill off bacteria. After the soak, make sure to dry off your feet thoroughly so that no water stays fermenting between the toes.
  5. Baking powder or foot antiperspirants: A topical treatment to absorb surplus sweat also helps. Baking powder applied to the feet combats the smell and the sweat. If that isn’t to your liking, some brands offer foot antiperspirants and can be found at most basic grocery stores.

After these preventative and offensive methods, your feet, and home, should be free from unwanted foot smells. Not only are you preventing the stench, these routines ward off bacterial infections, like Athletes’ Foot and Staph infections. Taking care of sweaty feet also takes care of medical conditions.


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