What To Do With old Pointe Shoes?

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old pointe shoes?  It’s a challenging thought, given how aromatic they tend to be.  Not to mention the huge amount of sentiment that can be attached to them. There’s some thought that every pair should be signed and dated for that eventual day when you become famous.  Then you can become enterprising and sell them online for a small fortune to help pay for the next batch of new shoes.  Looking for my own solutions, my mum came up with the following:-

pointe shoe wreath1

As pointe shoes wear out I will add them to the frame and close up the gap.  If you want to do the same with your old pointe shoes you will need the following items:-

Floral wire wreath frame

michaels frame
Picture courtesy of Michael’s craft store.
Floral wireRibbon (I used pointe shoe ribbon but you could use a color to match room decor).
Wire cutters
Batting for padding empty part of frame.
Picture courtesy of Amazon.com

Get your pointe shoes together and lay them out in a circle, heels towards the center toes pointing outwards.  When you have them laid out you can measure the diameter to work out the size wreath that you want.  Obviously if you want a larger circle you can leave space like I did to add more as necessary.

Pointe shoe ring

Take the floral wreath frame and the floral wire.  Weave the wire in and out across the frame.  You are trying to create a lattice which will stabilize the frame, but will also give you something to tie your pointe shoes to.  Once you have the frame prepared you can start to experiment with your shoes.  You may decide that you want the ribbon tied in big bows.  Perhaps you want to remove the elastics to give a cleaner look.  My mum kept the elastics and tucked the heel inside to keep it out of the way.  Now you need to decide how you want them to look on the frame.  The shoe should lay neatly with the frame giving support to the weight.  Use the ribbon to fasten the shoe to the frame, looping it through the floral wire, then back around to the front, and then tie a neat bow to secure.  All the heels were facing inwards, although I am sure you could have the toes facing in if you wanted

If you have an empty area take some of the padding and wrap the wire to make it look fuller.  Using ribbon, wrap both the frame and the padding to give it a uniform finish. If you have a large amount of pointe shoes, you could take a second, larger ring and do the same, but have the smaller ring centered in the larger ring.


Here are some other ideas for those of you who might be more adventurous.

pointe shoe chandelier


As and when I find more things to do with pointe shoes I will post them here.


Lydia x.





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