What to Wear to an Audition

Audition season is coming up, and believe it or not the topic of what to wear to an audition is an important one. What you wear sets the very first impression your adjudicator will have of you. With a little thought and careful planning a day or to before your audition will help you prepare for your big debut.  It is always good to have a check list so that you can make sure your favorite tights or most flattering leotard will be clean and ready for you to wear on the big day.  You should probably take the time to read the audition details as quite often they give stipulations on what they would like to see you wearing.  It may state plain dark colored leotard or it may be more specific and require a black classic leotard. If they took the time to write it then you should take the time to follow it. Below are some tips on what to wear:

1. Don’t be obnoxious: Try to avoid wearing tons of makeup, gaudy hair accessories, complicated leotards, and huge earrings. You want to be noticed by your dance capability, not your distracting accessories. Equally you want to be seen for your superb technique not your poor taste in fake bling. Try to un-chanel Beyonce.  Less is always more.

2. Camisole leotards are best: Camisole leotards are a classic style worn in the studio.  They are very simplistic, show off your assets well, and don’t take anything away from your aesthetic.  Unfortunately, many of the really strappy leotards interfere with your lines and can look messy.

3. Small hair accessories can be good: Small hair flowers or bows allow distinction between you and the other contenders, but don’t get too carried away.  Quite often when your adjudicators discuss candidates it is helpful for them to be able to say “The girl with red flower in hair”.

4. Don’t have holes: Holes in your tights or leotard may make them think that you are not taking the audition seriously and may downgrade your whole audition. They make get the impression that you are careless and don’t take your appearance seriously.  This is not a good impression to give.  After all, ballet is such a visual art.

5. Your shoes should be in good condition: Although this tip is of lesser importance, keeping your shoes in good condition with minimal wear-and-tear heightens your image.


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